Time to Give

Urgent Donations Needed

We at The Open Arms Home for Children feel blessed every day for what we have, but we need your help.  We have had a very eventful year just like everyone else, as the pandemic has presented us with unordinary challenges with our young ladies being out of school and no visitations with family for a long period.  It has been a very tough time for these young ladies on top of the hardships they’ve already endured in their lives.  We feel that we have made the best of the situation, and found creative ways to help these children grow as young adults, but we can always do more.

One of our young ladies continues to participate in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) as well as mock trials with the high school.  This young lady continues to strive for academic excellence and we are passionate about providing her with every opportunity to do so.  Another young lady came to us because she was picked up at a hospital strung out on meth and drunk.  She had her ups and downs, but she was able to graduate high school in a short time and we helped her get a job.  Open Arms helped her get her driver’s license, prep for the SAT, and she was looking at attending a college to study criminal justice.  Another young lady had spent most of her life homeless living under bridges before she came into the foster care system.  She had several different homes where something would happen and she would be moved without being there for more than three months.  Open Arms accepted her and was able to show her that we were not going to give up on her after she had a few behaviors in the first months.  Once she understood that we wanted to help her and not send her somewhere else, she became one of our most well-behaved young ladies and even began to mentor some of the other children.  She was also able to work and earn some extra money for when she aged out of foster care.  We encourage our children to participate in after-school activities such as school sports, volunteering on thanksgiving, community fairs, school clubs, etc.

At Open Arms, we believe that we have an opportunity to help children that are caught up in unfair situations that are none of their doing.  We believe that we can provide an environment that will allow them to be children as well as the opportunities that every young mind should have.  A lot of the children that enter the foster care system have had to care for themselves, their siblings, and quite possibly take care of their parents.  So, for us to be able to limit their responsibilities to that of a typical teenager is huge and allows them to mature in a healthy, nurturing way.

Georgia has decided to cut funding for programs like ours, but we want to continue to provide the children in our care with the best opportunities and mentoring that we possibly can.  We are asking for your help in funding our program.  We are a non-profit 501c3 program and provide all of our donors with everything they need for tax purposes as well as an opportunity to help us create the best environment possible for the children in our care.

Please consider helping us today with your donation.

Donation Information

The Open Arms Home for Children relies significantly on contributions and financial donations. While we receive a per diem reimbursement from the State of Georgia for each of our residents, a disproportionate amount of the overall costs incurred to deliver our services MUST be offset by donations.

We accomplish all of this with the lowest possible overhead. And we are proud to report that for every dollar we receive from individuals, local charities, businesses, companies, and foundations, we deliver a minimum of $10 worth of value to our resident children. And we will continue to work on improving this value each year.

Donate Online

Mail-In Donations: Please make checks payable to: The Open Arms Home for Children

Donation Levels

  • Life Partner – $10,000 +
  • Angel Partner – $2,000 to $10,000
  • Caregiver – $1,000 to $2,000
  • Family Member – $500 to $1,000
  • Advocate – $250 to $500
  • Friend – $5 to $250

The Open Arms Home for Children
P.O. Box 2223
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
Please include contact phone number and email address on all checks!

Call 706-632-2029 or simply email us and we will answer any questions you may have about making a donation. Thank you for being an advocate for our local children in need.


Donations may be made in honor or in memory of your loved ones. The Open Arms Home for Children also has holiday giving / Christmas and Hanukkah cards. Cards are available at the Open Arms Home for Children‘s administrative office. Please call 706-632-2029 to purchase cards, to make donations by telephone, or for more information.